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an old design 02I remember a long time ago and being in a conversation that just made me squirm.  Oh it was painful.  I kept interrupting, interjecting, and trying to explain what was happening.  My friend, a close friend, grew annoyed at my interjections.  It made her mad.  I was confused.  I thought she loved me, I thought she cared, I just couldn’t understand why she was beating me up with all these words of complaint.

A few years later I took a communications class sponsored by my employer.  It wasn’t a required class, but it was offered as a service to help us be happier, healthier employees.  I learned much, but because I wasn’t in a relationship at the time, I didn’t have a way to practice these new found skills.  But I did try applying them in other situations – with my Mom, friends, coworkers, etc.

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Catch A Falling Star...I start my day with water in my bucket, and depending on the length of the day, or its intensity, I may or may not have water in my bucket when the day is over.

My goal is to keep some reserve for my family. That way, when everyone begins to melt down, I can help carry them over the abyss. Last Thursday was a perfect example of why I need to maintain some reserve – that’s the day I lost my temper with my son.

Sometimes the ongoing pressures are so great that there is very little reserve for others.

And now you know why I drink coffee.

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Red BalloonLast night I went for a walk 30 years ago. After spending some time with my friend Ray, I walked around the campus of Walla Walla College. Not much has changed, yet it is different. The Administration Building is new. There are walkway lights around campus, and some of the older buildings are gone. But overall, it is the same campus. Big trees, old buildings, and familiar walkways.

The College Dairy store is gone – as well as the fire station and some of the smaller buildings. But overall, I don’t see a lot of changes.

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