Guest Post: 10 Simple Rules for Kids on the Internet

Guest Post by Liam Garcia, a staff writer for

I recently read Gary’s post about cutting down on social media for the sake of his children. He likened his social media usage to his parents’ smoking addiction. He pointed out that they quit their bad habit after they read a startling statistic: smokers tend to raise smokers. This statistic wasn’t even available until decades after smoking became a social activity.

So, if ramifications from our social activities don’t become public knowledge until after it is already commonplace, could social media become the new tobacco?

Will social media junkies raise social media junkies?

It inspired me to take a look at how I use my own social media accounts, and how it may affect my daughter. Our children mirror our behavior, whether they’re aware of it or not. If we allow social media to consume our lives, chances are it will consume our kids’ lives as well.

That’s why it’s important to set rules for your family when it comes to using the Internet. Kids now have mobile phones, tablets, and ultrabooks at their disposal. The Internet is a part of their social lives, it’s even a part of their learning. By making rules and setting limits, our kids will learn healthy practices while they are becoming active members of the world wide web.

Here are some basic rules, directed at kids and pre-teens, for safe internet usage. If you can’t eliminate Internet usage altogether, you can use these rules to craft your own family Internet agreement.

Don’t:Kids on the iPad

  • Share Personal Information
  • Share Passwords
  • Steal Copyrighted Information
  • Download Without Permission
  • Meet Someone You Met Online


  • Tell a Parent When You Feel Uncomfortable
  • Use Good “Netiquette”
  • Visit Age-Appropriate Sites
  • Use the Internet for School Research
  • Respect Your Parent’s Rules for Internet Usage
  • Discuss What You Read and See Online with Your Parents

Have Fun!

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