Do Less and Accomplish More

Yesterday, while driving to the Hale Family Reunion, we were listening to kids stories. One of them was a story of a father and his sons from the 1800s. The boys were in their mid to late teens and were waiting for their Dad to return from his Quiet Time. Growing impatient, they silently crept down the hall to their father’s bedroom to discover what was taking so long. The door was open and they heard him praying.

My quiet time is often alone time. I’m a relatively private person, and an introvert. It is easier for me to meditate, pray, and hear God’s voice when I am alone. I find my best quiet time are in nature, in the woods, or on top of some high place. And yet, if my kids are going to learn the spiritual disciplines that will enable them to walk with God, they will need an example to follow. One cannot teach about God, God has to be experienced. If they witness that experience in me, they will be more inclined to know how to do it themselves.

A new vision for my life, and my family’s life, is to live my spiritual life out loud. To let my family witness my walk with Jesus.

By doing less, I can accomplish more – and I have eternity to finish that work.

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