How I Learned to be a Composer

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Why I Took Four Violin Lessons and then Quit

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a rock’n roll drummer. The local teenage rock band gave me a set of their old drumsticks and I would bang on the oatmeal cartons. My Mom had other plans. She said I had to learn to play the piano first. After two years of mind-numbing lessons from an 80 year old, smelly woman, I begged my way out of that. Now, like many adults, I never became a drummer and I wish I could play the piano.

I never became a drummer and I wish I could play the piano”

Several years ago my brother taught me how to play¬†Amazing Grace on the piano. Just the melody – just the right hand. I am quite good at it and I sometimes I just take a break, play a chorus or two, let my mind go elsewhere – and then get back to whatever I was doing. But sometimes, I’m able to take those notes and morph them into a melody of my own. This, is the most rewarding. I can sit and play for close to an hour and realize one of my greatest dreams – to be a composer.

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