Two Cups with a Night Owl

From my earliest memories, I remember sitting with my maternal grandmother at her kitchen table. She had a large, two cup measuring cup. It was a light shade of green, and she filled it with and drank it before doing anything else. I don’t remember her being crabby, cranky, or even overly quiet. Of course, she loved me more than anything she’d ever loved in her life.

My was always so graceful and regal, and this is the only eccentric thing I remember her doing. It makes sense really. Why get up to keep refilling a six-ounce coffee cup every five minutes. And yet, larger coffee mugs are often hard to find – especially in the late 1960s and 70s.

She would sit with her measuring cup of coffee, and we would just hang out. This was before I knew the difference between morning people and night owls. This was long before I realized I was definitely not a . Those are good memories.

this is the only eccentric thing I remember her doing

Years later, in the mid 1980s, I used to randomly stop by her house to visit. She no longer lived in her SE Portland house, but now lived in Tualatin – by herself. I’d stop by around 10 or 11am and we’d have coffee together. She didn’t use that large two-cupper that late in the day – but the hanging out part was always a highlight.

We’d talk, we’d share, we just loved each other. My Grandma was cool!

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