A Good Day

It was supposed to be sunny, maybe warm – we thought about going to the beach, but we weren’t sure if it would be warm enough. So, we thought we’d play it by ear. I got up, made breakfast, then took the to church. I let my Wonderful Wife go back to bed.

















The kids and I did pretty well. I kept my head down and didn’t make too much eye contact. It wasn’t too painful.
















When we got home I made grilled cheese, and my Wonderful Wife continued you . After the kids took a little nap, we took off for an adventure. I wanted a hike, we all wanted sunshine, and we thought the sandy banks of The Mighty would make for a good afternoon. It took three tries, but we finally found a beach that wasn’t covered by the overflowing .

















We laughed, we jumped, we explored, we played.

















And the sun came out!

















We skipped ricks in the river. We stacked big rocks. And Dixie the Dancing Dog ran like “a motorcycle without a speed limit!

















Then after a little sand dune climbing adventure, we walked back to the car.

















The sun came out in full glory and the breeze blew through the trees!

















When we got home, was still recuperating in her cave – so the kids took baths.

















And made popcorn and smoothies!

















We finished the day with a story, prayers, and a little cuddling with some nice piano music.

Mommy got a break, kids and I had some quality time –

It was a good day!


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thx for the MUCH needed break!! So glad you all had fun together!!!

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