Our Kids Need Us

Peace in the Valley and Wishes for a Peaceful 2006!We’ve all been sick this week, but it has given me an opportunity to witness something powerful in action.  That is, our need AND want us.

When it was my Wonderful Wife’s turn to be sick, she was holed up in the bedroom trying to sleep, recover, and chill.  The kid’s thoughts were never far from her – they are used to having her around 24/7 and it is disconcerting to be disconnected from her.

That’s what he needed.

When it was my turn to be sick, they dealt with it better, because they are used to me sleeping in the day, and being gone a lot at work.  However, as I started to get well yesterday, both kids showed a special need to be with me.  My normally Smiling (and rambunctious) Son crawled onto the bed and just cuddled with me – for a long time.  That’s what he needed.

Later, as they came in to kiss me good night, my Darling Daughter asked if she could stay with me until she fell asleep.  Of course I said yes, and my soon to be seven year-old and I chatted about all kinds of stuff.  It was good stuff – and she needed that.

 “He doesn’t care about that stuff.  He just wants a .

Our kids need us – they want us.  Not for our money, not for the stuff we do for them, and not for the teaching we offer.  But just because.

On a recent episode of NCIS, which deals with a lot of father issues, Gibbs is talking with Denozo’s father who is always trying to scam a way to get rich.  He tells Gibbs that it is almost within his reach.  Gibbs turns to Denozo’s father and says plainly:  “He doesn’t care about that stuff.  He just wants a father.

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  1. Jennifer Walter says:

    Yep, they need their mommy AND their Daddy. And I love the horse pic. 🙂

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