>We’re Home

>The girls were really glad to get home last night. I could have stayed out a bit longer — but that’s me. I have to admit a certain amount of peace in being home. Last night, it was so much fun to watch our Darling Daughter. She kept going around the house to familiar objects. Playing with familiar toys and climbing in her bed. She was glad to be home.

It was a good trip for all of us. Very restful, very peaceful, and very affirming from the family we saw.

I’m coming back with some renewed vision, some renewed ideas, and some renewed strength.

It will be interesting to see where God takes us from here.

One thing I know is that if we’d been taking regular vacations all along, we may not have needed a 5 week vacation now. Whenever I take shortcuts, I end up paying in the long run. I’m not sure we could take vacations earlier, but it was sure good to spend some time away.

We got to see family, spend a lot of time on the coast, and attend a great conference. It was good.

We drove about 3400 miles and visited 8 different states. It was a good trip!

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